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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) - Items and Unstackable Items

Teamfight Tactics (tft) - Items

Currently updated for patch 10.2

Items can be equipped to Champions to increase their stats and give additional effects.

There are plenty of ways to optain items in Teamfight Tactics. First of all, there is the carousel, where every single champion in the carousel will have one item.
Additionally there are the PvE rounds where you can optain items along with the Mystery Box System.

Champions are only able to hold a maximum of 3 items, but combining two core items will turn into one full item. But make sure that you're building the item you want, because there is no way to split that full item back into its core items again.
However if you put an item on the wrong champion, you can make the items drop by selling the champion.

Unstackable Items

TFT - Youmuus Ghostblade
TFT - Blade of the Ruined King
TFT - Wardens Mail
TFT - Talisman of Light
TFT - Infernos Cinder
TFT - Frozen Mallet
TFT - Mages Cap
TFT - Thief's Gloves
TFT- Jeweled Gauntlet
TFT - Morellonomicon
TFT - Red Buff
TFT - Zephyr
TFT - Quicksilver
TFT - Giant Slayer

As of patch 9.18 All items listed above are unique and are not intended to stack.
If one of your champions has one of the unstackable items equipped, applying that same item will cause the item to bounce off.